Monday, 23 April 2012

5 Reasons Why Your New Puppy Could Be Whining

Stop your dog or puppy whining .

Puppies whine for a number of reasons, below I am going to give you 5 reasons why it could be whining and also provide a solution that you can use to help with the constant whining of your puppy. This solution will help you with to train your dog to get rid of all  behavioral problems.

1) They have just been introduced to your home for the first time and are trying to get used to their new environment. This could be a cause when a puppy is new and is trying to adapt to it's new environment. The whining will continue and it will be your responsibility to deal with the whining in the most effective way. I will get into that later.

2) They are hungry. You need to determine the last time your puppy was fed and the frequency in order to stop the whining. You should use your judgement to allow you to determine whether it is time for another snack or meal.

3) They are in pain, you can determine whether they are in pain or discomfort by feeling along the body to seek out any lumps or aching areas of the body. When you run your hand over the area of the body where they are feeling the pain, there is usually an increase in the volume of the whining noise. It is essential that you take your puppy to the veterinary for an immediate check up.

4) Your puppy may be feeling cold. have you provided the necessary blankets to keep your puppy warm?

5) They are feeling lonely. On occasions when a puppy feels lonely, they tend to whine to get attention. This sis not to say that you should allow them to continue to whine. The downside is that if your puppy starts to whine and you continue to give them attention as soon as the whining starts, this will be giving off the wrong message that they can get their way whenever they start whining.

It is a fact that there will be some more problems along the way when your puppy starts to develop into a dog. It is how you deal with it that will determine whether they develop into problems.

You will need to Train your dog or puppy using effective methods that will get you results and also avoid the various dog behavioral problems in the future.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

How To Stop A Dog Chewing Your Valuables

This is what dog chewing can cause .
If you are a dog or puppy owner and suffer from the act of your dog or puppy that constantly chews on your precious belongings. The truth is that shouting or dragging your dog or puppy will not stop them from chewing on your belongings. It will only leave them more confused.

There are a number of effective methods of dog training that will get you results that will stop your dog from chewing on your belongings. In fact it will get rid of your dog or puppy's destructive chewing behavior. 

I have provided detailed information on how to  Stop a destructive chewing dog

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Does Your Dog Or Puppy Need Training?

Use a tried and tested method to stop
dog and  puppy problems 
If you are an owner of a dog or puppy, you would have began to realise how precious and great dogs are to be around. But there are times when your dog or puppy will misbehave and annoy you.

This is not your dog's fault, we have to always remember that they are animals and not human beings and do not realise what is considered as acceptable in the human world.

Dogs and puppies have animal instincts and will always do what comes naturally to them when they have to deal with various situations.

As pet owners we owe it as our responsibility to teach our dogs what is acceptable in a human world. This can be achieved by using dog or puppy training that works.

If a dog is not train you could be at risk of your dog destructing your lifestyle and doing things like chewing your possessions, biting, disobedience, whining and other forms of dog aggression  to name a few.

If these dog behavioral problems are not tackled they tend to become worse and could become a nightmare, cost them their life and even cost you money.

Dog obedience training is easy to learn and does not take up much time. When you begin to learn dog training you will see vast improvements in your dog or puppy's behavior.

A good dog training method should get you to understand your pet and also why they do the things that they do and what you can do to stop them from displaying destructive behavior.

All dogs and puppies need training no matter what breed. Training your dog the right way which has been tried and tested will make will give you peace of mind that your dog will know how to deal with the various situations it may find itself in..

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Does Your Dog Bark Constantly- How To Stop Excessive Dog Barking

Stop dog aggression with dog
training that works
If you suffer from the constant barking of a dog and have been wondering how to solve this dog problem, do  not despair. The barking is something that can be easily controlled by using tried and tested methods of dog training that are fun and easy to learn.

There are reasons why dogs bark, a dog uses its bark as it's voice and to be honest if your dog never barked you would be a bit concerned. It is when the barking becomes excessive it becomes a nuisance. Neighbours complain and you begin to wake up at odd hours of the night due to the constant barking.

Finding out the reason why your dog is barking as you would not like it not to bark if there was a stranger that was about to raid your house and your dog remained quite.

Now there are various reasons why dogs bark. Some of the reasons are as follows:
1) Boredom.
2) Loneliness.
3) Hunger may have kicked in and they want something to eat.
4) Someone is close to your house
5) They need to use the toilet.
7) Dogs also tend to bark when they are inviting you to play. It is there voice that they are using to say " its play time now".

Some barking can be seen as reasonable whilst others can be seen as a way to manipulate their owners. If the barking becomes manipulative then that can be classed as a dog problem for example when your dog starts barking because it wants to to drop whatever you are doing and play with them. As soon as your dog realizes that they can bark and get their own way then this will continue.

You will need to use tried and techniques to get rid of your dog's manipulative behaviour in order for it not to get any worse. There are a few dog training  tips here,  that will teach you how to understand any dog and also get rid of dog problems.