Saturday, 14 April 2012

Does Your Dog Bark Constantly- How To Stop Excessive Dog Barking

Stop dog aggression with dog
training that works
If you suffer from the constant barking of a dog and have been wondering how to solve this dog problem, do  not despair. The barking is something that can be easily controlled by using tried and tested methods of dog training that are fun and easy to learn.

There are reasons why dogs bark, a dog uses its bark as it's voice and to be honest if your dog never barked you would be a bit concerned. It is when the barking becomes excessive it becomes a nuisance. Neighbours complain and you begin to wake up at odd hours of the night due to the constant barking.

Finding out the reason why your dog is barking as you would not like it not to bark if there was a stranger that was about to raid your house and your dog remained quite.

Now there are various reasons why dogs bark. Some of the reasons are as follows:
1) Boredom.
2) Loneliness.
3) Hunger may have kicked in and they want something to eat.
4) Someone is close to your house
5) They need to use the toilet.
7) Dogs also tend to bark when they are inviting you to play. It is there voice that they are using to say " its play time now".

Some barking can be seen as reasonable whilst others can be seen as a way to manipulate their owners. If the barking becomes manipulative then that can be classed as a dog problem for example when your dog starts barking because it wants to to drop whatever you are doing and play with them. As soon as your dog realizes that they can bark and get their own way then this will continue.

You will need to use tried and techniques to get rid of your dog's manipulative behaviour in order for it not to get any worse. There are a few dog training  tips here,  that will teach you how to understand any dog and also get rid of dog problems.

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