Thursday, 3 May 2012

Potty Training Tips If You Have Bought A New Puppy.

Training a new puppy to stop
pooping around the house
If you have just got a new puppy you by now you will be experiencing the joys of owning one. Whatever breed your puppy may be they are going to act like a puppy. Along with the joys come some hard work of scooping up the poop and searching around the house to make sure that they have not done a sneaky one somewhere in the house.

The key to making sure that your puppy knows where to poop is important if you do not want to continuously clean up their mess. Here are a few tips that will help if you have just bought a new puppy or own an existing dog that uses the house as its toilet. The most important thing to do is become observant around your pet. 

  1. Choose an area in the garden or indoors if they are a puppy that you would want them to use as their toilet. Always stick to the same spot. 
  2. Look out for the various signals that they display to you before they use the toilet. They cannot talk as human beings but they have their own way of communicating. 
  3. As soon as they show the signs take them to the place where you would prefer them to relieve themselves.
  4. When they use the place that has now become their toilet start to praise them and you could offer them a treat. This will be delivering a positive message to your dog or puppy and they will eventually learn that this is where you would want them to relieve themselves. 

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